KEN RAASCH, Chairman & CEO
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Ken Raasch currently serves as CEO and Chairman of Creative Brands Group, Inc., a Silicon Valley brand management and licensing company, where he directs overall corporate strategy and branding. Creative Brands Group has worked with a wide range of celebrities, artists, designers and corporations including Heidi Klum, LIFE, Thomas Kinkade and Kitson. His most recent international licensing endeavor has been the expansion of the Kitson retail model to Japan, where he oversaw and orchestrated the launch of Kitson Japan. Prior to founding CBG, Ken
co-founded Media Arts Group, Inc. with his friend and well-known artist, Thomas Kinkade. This partnership created the art-based brand, "Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light.™" Ken served as Chairman and CEO of Media Arts Group, Inc. from 1990 to 1999. Under his leadership, the company went public on NASDAQ in 1994 and transitioned to the NYSE in 1998. He continued to serve as Chairman until 2001. Ken is the Founder of Mercy Ventures, a non-profit foundation, and is on the Board of Directors for Acts of Mercy.

LISA NIXON, Vice President

As one of the founders of Creative Brands Group in 2001, Lisa has served as Vice President for Creative Brands Group and oversees client services, project management and administration for CBG. Lisa worked at Media Arts Group as Director of Business Development and Assistant to the Chairman for 10 years. While at Media Arts Group, Lisa managed TV and key account sales of over $100 million.

AUSTIN MUNRO, Business Development

Austin Munro is the Director of Business Development for Creative Brands Group. In his role as director, he is responsible for the assessment of new opportunities, intelligence gathering and the implementation of new business strategies. He works closely with brand owners to develop, manage and maximize their brands. Austin graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Oregon where he studied International Political Economy and Business Administration.